Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings to all our readers.

Hope you all have had some decent rain and if you haven't , let us hope that some falls soon on our parched dry land and it would be the best Christmas gift of all.

I wonder if Dorothea Mackellar should have been a delegate to the Copenhagen talk fest instead of our illustrious representatives that Australia sent along. What's that got to do with our patchwork group? Absolutely nothing except we all rely on the land and its productivity to keep our spirits up, just like we all try to spend time at our sewing machines and cutting mats to keep our spirits up.

Hope the gift bags are full of quilty articles and you all enjoy some wonderful quality family time.

Some time out from the sewing machine and designing and planning etc does make for an eagerness to start sewing again you know. Enjoy the break, don't of course over indulge in the food and beverage stakes and we'll see you again sometime in 2010. Wow! is it 10 years since we had to worry about the year 2000 and all the " doomed computers".

Does anyone else feel older each year getting ready for Christmas or is it just me?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Workshop Results

What a weekend we all had. Let's hope we all have gone home for a holiday. Could you call THAT a RETREAT ? A snapshot of some busy girls, hard at work cutting and sewing and of course more cutting. I have heard on the grapevine about one more finished quilt. This one has the borders on already. Just enough fabric to complete it. Sorry no pic available as the pieces were pulled down too fast. The owner just loves the eyelashes. See, told you learning foundation piecing is worth it.
This is the first one stitched together. It still requires further borders and finishing cuts.

These are some blocks using a similar focus fabric to the other one with a mixture of the same fabrics plus a few different ones. Happy sewing Sandra. This was her first effort at foundation piecing also . Some are only pinned at this stage, but all are looking good.

Further updates as the work progresses. Thanks for an enjoyable but TIRING weekend girls. I had to go to work for a holiday. Ruth

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyeing Workshop Costs.

The cost for the fabric dyeing workshop on Sat 31 Oct if you are not bringing along your stash of dyes is $13.50 . This covers the cost of dyes and soda ash. If you are only paying for the soda ash it will cost you $1.50. This covers the cost for the basic 24 step colourwheel using a fat or skinny quarter.

Hope the preparations for the strips n curves workshop at the same time are well in hand.
Ruth can bring along a couple of ironing rolls for the pressing of the strips as she has found some more old tent posts. Has anyone else thought of an ironing board. At least we'll have well pressed clothes if we decide to "go out " for tea. Don't know if I'll have room in the car for my swag. Has anyone else got that problem?
Final preparations will be sorted out Wed 28 October at our next sewing day. See you then.

Monday, September 28, 2009

News , News and News

Hope the entries are coming along well for the Mt Perry Art Exhibition. If you need some assistance for your machine quilting check out a blog devoted to trying new quilting patterns.

There is also a new magazine soon to be launched in December called Down Under Textiles published by the same publisher as Down Under Quilts. The editor is also looking to suggestions for content. Contact Deborah if you have any ideas you would like to see in a magazine.
Don't forget the upcoming events for October. Looks like Mt Perry is set for a busy time once school resumes.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Workshop Details

Yes we are off for a fun weekend to ....... Mt Perry here we come.

October 31 and November 1st 2009 will see us sewing until we dye at the Tin Shed.

Costs are $10 for non Sport & Rec members to cover the accommodation costs and members free of course. Ruth is the tutor and she is happy to donate her fees to the Cancer Fund. The amount will be at the discretion of the participant.

We are actually doing 2 workshops. A strips n curves workshop over 2 days and a fabric dyeing session for new dyers doing the 24 step colourwheel. If you are an experienced dyer and wish to do your own thing bring your equipment etc along and join in the fun. The dyeing costs will be calculated on the day as to how much dye and chemicals you use.

The photo is a sample of blocks made from the basic pattern for strips n curves. These patterns have been used with permission from Louisa Smith of the Strips n Curves books.
Workshop requirements were listed at the recent patchwork day. Email Ruth for a comprehensive list if required. Dyeing requirements were also listed but final arrangements can be discussed at the patchwork day Oct 7. Hope you are all excited about our overnight sewing bee.
Almost forgot, the workshop is the weekend AFTER the Art Exhibition so there is no excuse for not finishing your entry into the textile section.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comings and Goings

Like ships that pass in the night .... so are the ladies of our patchwork group.
Ruth had to leave before Narelle was able to make it after work, and Kerry had been and gone but would return.
Patty was able to pop in after work but Sandra and Margaret had gone earlier and Fay was on her way out but Kerry had returned.
If I've forgotten anyone, my apologies, we can be hard to keep track of. Here is some of the work that some of the girls have been working on.

Plans are underway for a fun fabric weekend, stay tuned.

Monday, September 07, 2009

A change of dates....

To hopefully give some of us an extra stitching day before what is shaping up to be busy school holidays, next patchwork has been scheduled for Wednesday 16th September. The following date, Wednesday 7th October, and then it's back to our previous scheduled date of Wednesday 28th October. That leaves the holidays free for family comittments. Hope to see you all there!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

September 2 had the girls meeting once again at the complex for a day of sewing and chatting. Ruth has been having a spring clean at home and brought in two overflowing containers of fabrics to share.
The girls waited patiently till after lunch, and when Narelle and Patty finally arrived it was ooh's and aah's all round. Needless to say, each of us were able to add to our own stashes. A very big thankyou to Ruth for sharing with us.

Now for some show and tell. Margaret brought along these cute tote bags she made since last patchwork day.

Lots of pockets for all sorts of goodies. Well done Margaret!

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and a workshop perhaps.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter, Summer ?????Spring

Narelle has asked what has happened to Spring?????
Where did it disappear to? Has it been swallowed by climate change?? Just wait girls we'll probably be reaching for a jumper in September.

As long as it does not affect our sewing habits too much should we really worry.
When you come along to our next sewing day, please bring along an empty container or box.
Spring Fever has hit the house where Ruth lives and she is giving away lots of goodies.

Hope there has been some progress on the Art Quilts.
See you at The Tin Shed come September

Friday, August 14, 2009

Important Dates

Some upcoming activities of note are:

The Mt Perry Fine Arts Annual Art Exhibition is happening on the weekend beginning Friday 23 October. There is a Textile Art Category , Section 10. "Creative Collection - Your Passion"

This is sponsored by The Mt Perry Health Centre.

Conditions of entry: Must include 1/8 in blood red, no bigger than 1m x 1m and may be for sale.

Entry Fee is $2 and the prizemoney is $50 for First.

The theme is based on the year of the collection denoting blood collection for donations. This explains why RED has to be included.

So come on girls we can't let there be only one entry from our Health Centre employee.

Entry forms are available at the Community Mail Centre and have to be lodged by Friday 16 October.

The following weekend , October 31 and November 1 Ruth is attempting to organise a dyeing workshop for you and a strips and curves workshop for that weekend with a sleepover of course. More details will be available at our next sewing day. September 2nd.
This is a strips n curves quilt.

And no this is not going to be entered in the art competition as it is unfortunately too big. I think it does meet the red requirement though.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sewing Day August 5

After a trial day at the Sport and Rec Centre ( THE TIN SHED) it now looks like that will be our "home " for awhile due to a couple of reasons.

We may need to try to obtain a few more stable tables as Fay certainly had her sewing machine rocking last time.
The photo is an example of machine quilting by Beth and Trevor Reid on one of their quilts included in the recent Textile Exhibition in Brisbane. This would certainly give you and your machine a good workout.
Hope to see you all Wednesday August 5th at the Tin Shed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Started and Finished

As the title suggests, this project was started and finished all within about a week! Narelle's daughter was on holiday from Uni and came along to patchwork day where she completed the embroidery for her folder cover.

She then had a sewing day at home for the cover and finished off the hand stitching to complete the project. The cover includes a pocket on the inside with a button close and a section for a pen.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Patchwork Wednesday

Wow, a whole day at patchwork for Narelle, it must be school holidays.
Yes, she did manage to finish her pink sewing mat and bring it along for show and tell.

Kerry also gave it a test run under her sewing machine.

Narelle spent the day cutting 2.5" strips ready to make a start on a log cabin quilt for her bed.
Everyone had a lovely day . . . sewing and chatting . . . we'll share more soon.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

School Holidays

It's school holiday time for Narelle which means no travelling to and fro . . . which means more sewing time . . . hopefully.

She bought this pattern from Tazzie Quilts, lets just say a while ago, and has finally got round to making not one but two. Here is the blue sewing mat tucked neatly under her machine.

Will she be able to finish the pink one in time for some 'show and tell' at patchwork on Wednesday?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Holidays (for some)

Yes, the winter holidays have arrived. Some of us are no doubt enjoying their time off work doing some sewing. Hope to see the results next Wednesday. While some of us have no holidays but enjoy the school children and teenagers being around home. Do we get some time for sewing? One hopes so, so the rest of us can see the results on Wednesday as well. Others probably have grandma duties and time spent sewing is probably very limited. Amazing how some of us can achieve some progress on our patchwork items and quilts.

Here is a twisted log cabin quilt made a while ago by Ruth. It is foundation pieced with every second block reversed for the different look to a usual twisted log cabin.

Hope to see you all Wednesday 8 July. Forget about tax time for a day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Very Sorry about this

Yes we went off to Bundy town to attend the Bundaberg Quilters Friendship Day. On arrival we were greeted by the smell of coffee and tea and a wide selection of goodies to eat. A quick chance to browse the market stalls and the day began. Margaret Brady the President of Bundaberg Quilters welcomed us all and we were suitably entertained by a selection of trading cards and quilts, bags and more quilts. The continuous raffle began and we soon found out who owned the lucky seats. Margaret handed over to her secretary who introduced us to musical chairs Bundaberg Quilters style. After much laughter we all managed to unwrap our parcels ( no one missed out in this version) and we then enjoyed a lunch break. More chance to visit the stalls and chat. More quilts on display for Show and Tell, followed by more continuous raffle draws. We all had badges made of yo-yos or suffolk puffs given to us at the door. The prize winning ones had flower buttons ( how cute) of various colours for the lucky door prizes.
The raffle quilt with proceeds to the bushfire and floods appeal was drawn but not won by a Mt Perry member. More food and drink followed at afternoon tea , then it was time to leave. Luckily Spotlight stays open until 5pm these days. The sorry part is the cameras never made it to the event and you missed out on a good time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bundaberg Quilter's Friendship Day......

OK girls, so I found it!! It's all aboard for the Bundaberg Quilter's Friendship Day on Saturday June 13. It will cost us $5.00 each for a day full of fun, food and quilts. And we may even have the chance to win, or buy something nice from the market stall or traders present. So how about it? You all know where, so I guess you just need the time now......10.00am till 3.00pm. Should be time enough for a good time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

His and Hers Birthday Gifts

Narelle has been a very busy girl finishing off this cream and browns/greens quilt that she called 'Double Choc' ... milk chocolate swirls in a white chocolate block ... yummmm!
This quilt was made using a T-block pattern and quilt-as-you-go ... joining each block with a finished half inch strip front and back. She was busy joining for her short visit Wednesday afternoon.

Both quilts were gifted on Saturday night at her brothers surprise 'Big O' birthday party. Her sister-in-law also had a 'Big O' surprise party earlier in the year but the quilts have been in the pipe line till now.
"Double Choc" was for SIL and "Toffee Bon Bon" (below) was for her brother.

Narelle made this log cabin quilt using quilt-as-you-go also ... no strips.

Happy Sewing

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sewing Day May 2009

Yes despite Ergon ( the local power supply company) giving us notice of a power cut , we ventured forth for a day of sewing in the hall. Lucky for us we were kindly supplied with power from the generator installed to run the council facilities during blackouts in an emergency.
As usual it was the usual procession of In and Out Patchworkers through the door. Maybe we need a name change.
Kerry brought her handwork along , then went to do some paid work for a few hours to return for the afternoon stint.
Sandra brought her finished quilts along ( 2 of them) and continued working on the 3rd. She needs to make a few more yet. Her grandchildren will certainly love all these quilts.

This is the first horses panel completed. There was also an embroidered heart quilt using the techniques learnt at Monto. She is now probably nearly finished the second horse quilt in progress on Wednesday.

Margaret has been inspiring Sandra and has been completing her 3 John Deere quilts for her grandchildren in NZ. This photo shows 1 quilt plus 3 pillows. She has also quilted a panel for her family back in NZ. She certainly has a few busy weeks ahead of her.

Fay has been busy renovating houses and solving car problems so finally got to touch a sewing machine last Wednesday and continued working on her applique house and garden quilt.
See we do actually get stuck into it.

Ruth has finished her third kaliedoscope quilt and is currently working on the fourth. This will be all of her fabric purchased on the shopping trip used up instead of languishing in the cupboard. Anna finally made it along to actually sew with us despite some of us nearly fainting on her arrival. She is working on a small bear quilt. She must have known something about the power as she came for the time while the power was off at home. Narelle finished work and came for the afternoon. Hopefully she will add photos of the afternoon session. Patty has been extremely busy at work so unfortunately could not join us. Kath has been the quiet one lately but is certainly coming along to the Bundaberg Quilters Friendship Day in June.

June 13 will see us entertained at The Family Centre at the Showgrounds for their Friendship Day. There will be raffles , quilts to look at and of course food. Bring along 2 or 3 quilts for show and tell. Further details about time and travelling arrangements should be available for our next sewing day. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Get Together

April 15 arrived in the middle of school holidays, a bonus for a couple of our girls. Both Kath and Narelle were able to sew all day instead of their usual rush in just before 2pm. They'll both be back to their hand work next time but it was lovely to have their company for a longer period this time.

Margaret had some show and tells and I'm hoping someone took some photos on their camera because I can't find any pictures on mine. She's also busy working on some fantastic boys quilts.

Ruth has made a huge start on her next kaleidoscope quilt. Just a few more boxes to make and she'll be ready for the final layout and begin the process of joining it all together. Looking very beautiful so far.

Kerry was doing some super fine embroidery that had some of the girls' jaws dropping at just how tiny her stitching was.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress in May.

Happy sewing till then.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Admin Notes

After our last posting about the Ins and Outs of our Patchwork Day, Wednesday 18 March, we have received a comment asking when do we meet and how often?
We are attempting to meet once every 4 weeks at The Perry Shire Hall in Mt. Perry on a Wednesday at 9am to 4pm. This day was chosen to suit most of us for all or part of the day. We are hoping to adhere to our schedule and the next Wednesday is April 15 ( School holidays ) and is the Wednesday after Easter and the Wednesday prior to Mt. Perry Show. Looks like we should all be finishing our show entries that day. If anyone else is interested in coming along to join us you will be most welcome.
See you all on the 15th April.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ins and Outs of Patchwork........

Margaret flew in to show a WIP, I caught a quick hello at the door as she bolted to meet an appointment. Present was Ruth, Fay and Sandra. Time to put the kettle on........... Fay admitted to not having sewed since patchwork finished last year and dug out this georgeous UFO to start on again. More borders to go to enlarge this hand appliqued beauty.
Ruth took the opportunity to make a start on a Toowoomba purchase. Here's a shot before she departs, of the finished product from an Amy Butler pattern (and fabric?).
Anna dropped in for a visit to see what we are all about. In the course of conversation she divulges the news of her new acquisition. A new sewing machine! Goodo! But then she says it's still in it's box?? Some of us have more restraint than others, obviously.
Patty dropped by on her lunch break and showed her finished bag from last patchwork, for those who missed it, and also some appliqued/embroidered squares she is doing for a birthday swap with another group. Very nice! All opportunities to experiment with different methods, textures etc.

Here's a shot of Sandra's WIP. Here we see the process of cutting out a panel and fabric for surrounding flying geese pieces to be put together for a quilt for a grandson.
Next to arrive was Kath and Narelle, finishing up from a shortened work day to spend a few hours at patchwork. Must be time for a coffee.....
Narelle then showed her finished QAYG Log Cabin. The photos perhaps don't show well enough, but the use of different fabrics shows up a distinct and lovely pattern. You can do so much with log cabins, and show such a range of pattern just by moving the pieces.
Kath and Narelle settled with some hand work for the rest of the afternoon. "You can have my space", says Ruth; as it was time for her to pack up and go.
The rest of us sewed and chatted away for the remainder of the afternoon. One by one, it was time to go. Then there was two. Bus time came and it was time to lock up and head for home.
And as for me, well I worked on a couple of blog swaps..... so maybe next time.
Next patchwork will be 15th April, which falls in with the school holidays. This will allow our working girls a full day out and maybe even a couple of juniors come along.
Till next time......Kerry

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show and Tell

Finally our first patchwork day arrived. Everyone is already running head first into 2009 so unfortunately all couldn't make it, but those who were able had a lovely day.

Ruth was busy catching up on some mending. With that out of the way, she can get back to some serious sewing.

Patty came along with a bag in a kit and left at the end of the day with a very nice, completed bag.

Kath was able to pop in after lunch and brought some hand sewing with her. A long term project that she can 'grab and run' to work on whenever.

Narelle also brought along some hand work to do, after the regulation cuppa of course.

Margaret was busy quilting a panel for her mum. Very Nice!
Margaret's been a busy girl over the break and brought along some show and tell. Oven mits made from fabric purchased on our shopping trip.

And an gorgeous cushion.

Here's a close up of the embroidery and lace hat.

Hope everyone is finding time for a little sewing in their lives and looking forward to catching up with others on our next day, the 18th March.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Does anybody feel like sewing?

We have the opportunity to have our lives return to normal with our first sewing day for 2009 on Wed February 18. All of us have been grieving for the families suffering after the events of the last 10 days in Victoria and in North Queensland ( please don't forget the flood victims) who will probably never have their lives return to how they once were.
As with any tragedy, questions are always asked but sometimes the answers are never found.
The tales of survival and loss have been incredible. Dijanne Cevaal has reported on her blog that KraftKolour has been burnt down at Whittlesea but the people survived. They have vowed to rebuild their wonderful mail order business and ask for our continued loyalty during the process.
How many other flow on effects are there from this natural disaster?

Wednesday, come along and be prepared to sew to lift our spirits.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sewing Days Are On Again

Back to the grindstone for most of us and after much discussion we have managed to find a day that suits most people for some of the time. Patchwork sessions will recommence on Wednesday 18 February in the Hall.
They will hopefully occur every 4 weeks to suit some of us who " have to earn a living outside of patchwork and are bogged down with rosters".

The dates booked for the hall are February 18, March 18 and April 15.
April 15 may be a formal workshop yet with a meal at night before we rest from the busy day's sewing .
The account for the Toowoomba Shopping Trip has arrived and contained a pleasant surprise. Not so expensive as first thought. Darn we could have spent more money on fabric!!!!
We have also received an invitation for an expression of interest to attend if the Bundaberg Quilters organise a Friendship Day on June 13 2009. More details available Wed 18 February. So mark your calendars it looks like it could be a busy year again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Toowoomba Trip Story 2

It was a fascinating trip experiencing the different methods of retailing.

The first shop in Toowoomba was beautifully laid out though cramped and full of nice displays enticing you to part with your money.

The usual " chain stores" were similar to our Bundaberg environment etc. but the sale time made a difference though.

This shop in Margaret St Toowoomba is not a fabric shop but a gift shop where one wonders about their retailing methods. If you can squeeze in here you may find what you want. That is if it is open when you wander by.

This is the view from the front door. The girls found less expensive Royal Doulton pieces in Myers though as they were having their annual sale.

When are we going again??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're Back

Well it's Sunday evening and it's been two sleeps since we returned from our shopping expedition.

Four girls headed out from Mt. Perry late Wednesday afternoon and collected 2 more girls from their pick-up point and we all headed for our first night of accommodation compliments of Ruth and her Hubby. The idea was to get a headstart on Thursday's shopping.
Here we are Thursday morning getting ready to travel on to Toowoomba. Check your feet girls, we don't want to dirty the bus.

Shopping Day #1 ~ We managed to visit 6 (please correct me if I'm wrong girls, it was a big two days!) fabric shops on Thursday including a curtain place where a couple of the girls took advantage of the New Year Sales. Timing our trip to include late night shopping, we managed our shopping time wisely and had a good look around Grand Central as well.

After a good nights rest, we strategically packed the bus and headed off on shopping day #2. Friday we visited two more fabric shops before heading the bus north for home.

These feet could walk for miles if they had to.

A quick refuel for both vehicle and ourselves at lunch time, then we squeezed in two more fabric shops before the final leg home.
So ends our shopping expedition. Busy schedules have already taken their toll and our first sewing day for 2009 is yet to be appointed.
Happy Sewing Girls

Monday, January 05, 2009

2 Sleeps Girls

Yes ... that's right ... only 2 more sleeps till we depart on our Fabric Acquisition Road Trip.

What ARE we letting ourselves in for?

Shopping till we drop?

Stay tuned!