Monday, November 02, 2009

Workshop Results

What a weekend we all had. Let's hope we all have gone home for a holiday. Could you call THAT a RETREAT ? A snapshot of some busy girls, hard at work cutting and sewing and of course more cutting. I have heard on the grapevine about one more finished quilt. This one has the borders on already. Just enough fabric to complete it. Sorry no pic available as the pieces were pulled down too fast. The owner just loves the eyelashes. See, told you learning foundation piecing is worth it.
This is the first one stitched together. It still requires further borders and finishing cuts.

These are some blocks using a similar focus fabric to the other one with a mixture of the same fabrics plus a few different ones. Happy sewing Sandra. This was her first effort at foundation piecing also . Some are only pinned at this stage, but all are looking good.

Further updates as the work progresses. Thanks for an enjoyable but TIRING weekend girls. I had to go to work for a holiday. Ruth

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Bec said...

This looks fabulous! keep sharing....