Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings to all our readers.

Hope you all have had some decent rain and if you haven't , let us hope that some falls soon on our parched dry land and it would be the best Christmas gift of all.

I wonder if Dorothea Mackellar should have been a delegate to the Copenhagen talk fest instead of our illustrious representatives that Australia sent along. What's that got to do with our patchwork group? Absolutely nothing except we all rely on the land and its productivity to keep our spirits up, just like we all try to spend time at our sewing machines and cutting mats to keep our spirits up.

Hope the gift bags are full of quilty articles and you all enjoy some wonderful quality family time.

Some time out from the sewing machine and designing and planning etc does make for an eagerness to start sewing again you know. Enjoy the break, don't of course over indulge in the food and beverage stakes and we'll see you again sometime in 2010. Wow! is it 10 years since we had to worry about the year 2000 and all the " doomed computers".

Does anyone else feel older each year getting ready for Christmas or is it just me?

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