Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quiet Patchwork Day

Yesterday was a very quiet day for our patchwork girls. Ruth was beginning to wonder if she was the lone patchworker until Kerry and her Mum arrived. Narelle sent a text to say she was feeling under the weather. Everyone else had other things crop up that had to come first. That's life.

Ruth has completed her runner for the girlsnightin and Narelle has just a little more hand sewing on the binding of the small wall hanging. All other preparations are well in hand.

Hopefully next patchwork day a few more can make it. It's getting close to that silly time of the year when we are just all so busy.

Happy Sewing

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sewing Day = Busy Girls

Yes, Friday we finally made it. Seven of us were able to make an appearance for varying amounts of time. Kerry has things well under way for the Girls Night In and Ruth has made a good start on plans for our Christmas Shopping Trip that most likely will be a New Year Shopping Trip due to hectic schedules for the rest of this year.

Kerry has also been busy making a few items for a raffle on the night as well as finishing off another minky baby quilt.

Ruth was busy adding another prize for the night and something for herself.

Narelle made it by lunch and was able to stay till the end. She was multi-tasking while working on her PIF gifts. Except while winding the bobbin and enjoying a piece of banana cake and coffee, the cotton slipped off and lets just say the bobbin got a "little" messy.

Fay was working on a beatiful wall hanging for her daughter. She also squeezed in a hair appointment so had packed up when the camera came out.

Margaret is almost done on this stunning cream quilt, not her first.

Patty popped in during her lunch break and Irene was able to visit before and after work committments.
Wouldn't it be lovely if it was maditory for every woman to spend one day per week wholely on themselves and nothing and no-one else. We can dream.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ideas For Spring Sewing Activities Please

Next Friday should be an interesting sewing day. Planning for some activities such as The Girls Night In, A Dyeing Day, Our Christmas shopping excursion and anything else that we are keen to do. So roll up with some great ideas please everybody.