Monday, December 14, 2015

Catch up photos

                                  June's version of this popular pattern.

                                  Margaret's Bits'n Bobs zippered case

                                             ....and Christmas owl.

                                 Margaret's and Sandra's table centre.

                                           Sandra's halloween lantern

                                      ...and machine net lace darning.

                                        Narelle's cuties and tea cosy

                                          and Kerry's owl cushion.

All up to date with our pics.  Stay tuned to see what's in the "Santa" sacks.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

12th October

Sandra didn't stay for the day on the 12th, however visited with her machine embroidered quilt blocks to show.

Fay has been busy with needle turn applique.
It seems everyone is enjoying our fortnightly get togethers and wish to continue on into December before having a break.  December 14 has been decided as Christmas breakup day.  Anyone who would like to participate with the gift exchange should have their "SANTA" sack ready for then.  Remember - gifts starting with the letters SANTA, including 1 stitched item and 1 food item amongst them.  Bring something for the morning tea table, and we will be going out for lunch. 


Di's back with plenty to show.  1st is the completed project from her Christmas block - block made by Narelle.
Never to let a moment go to waste, Di completed this needle turn applique quilt top while travelling,

and then finished off this lovely quilt with some added circles.
Some projects from Margaret.  A machine embroidered bag, and a couple of pavapol statues.

Federation Quilt

A couple of finishes from Aunty Dot.  The long standing project of her federation quilt, and a wall hanging made from 2" squares.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

17th August, 2015

After a slow start because one of us forgot to come - and she had the key - it was a happy group gathered for our fortnightly patchwork group.
With a new battery in the camera, I was able to snap away and have something to show for our efforts.

                                     Sandra's Australian prints quilt                                                
                             Kerry's machine embroidered hand towels                                            

                                  Margaret's machine embroidery

With more than an hour's stitching in each hand towel, there is obviously days (or week's) worth of hour's in Margaret's embroidery work.  The photos don't do justice to the lovely teal colours in the quilt above. Looking forward to seeing it come together with the borders.  Also, to seeing something of Sandra's embroidered quilt project too.  Photo subjects for next time!

Well done everyone!  Oh, and Fay was with us too; but working on secret sewer's business.

Looking forward to next time, and maybe being joined by some missing members.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Merry Christmas in July

We enjoyed a lovely day of sewing, chatting and sharing with a special show and tell followed by a very delicious lunch at the local.

Back here in December, our Christmas Break-up included a gift swap and each gift came with a 12 1/2" block. We then challenged ourselves to make the block up into a project and share the finished item at our Christmas in July. Some got stuck into it and finished before the end of December ... I believe there was some last week sewing to meet the deadline but all projects showed off the blocks beautifully. A couple of girls couldn't make it so we'll have to wait and see the last couple.

Group photo

Bag made by Sandra ~ block by Di

Cushion made by Kerry ~ block by Fay

Sewing Machine cover made by Fay ~ block by Margaret

Laptop Cover made by Margaret ~ block by Patti

Mini Quilt made by Narelle ~ block by Sandra

After lunch and a stroll back up the hill to the room, it was back to the sewing. Here's a few things that have been finished or in progress.






Saturday, February 28, 2015

What The .... Weather?

First an earthquake and next thing you know a cyclone is trailing her way through the neighbourhood. Mother Nature might like to try something a little more relaxing like patchwork or knitting. Our thoughts are with all those piecing their lives back together.

We are very fortunate to have such a lovely group of friends who get together fortnightly now and share more than just fabric and threads.







Next patchwork this Monday the 2nd March.

Friday, February 06, 2015

February Already!

Looks like we're in for another fast paced year brimming with friendship, fun, cuppas and quilting.

Our first day for 2015 kicked off in new digs. You can now find our group sewing in the Cultural Centre in the old library rooms every second Monday...see sidebar for future dates.

Here's some 'Show n Tell' from Sandra, Margaret and Fay.

This past Monday was the next Patchwork day but ever changing plans meant I could get there so I'm hoping someone had their camera out.

Next get together will be Monday 16th February ... looking forward to catching up.