Saturday, February 24, 2007

Brydon's Birthday

Finally number 1 of 4 quilts is complete. Recently while on Long Service Leave Narelle feverishly made up for lost quilting time and made up for future lost quilting time by making 3 quilt tops and a fourt quilt cut up ready to sew. She has just finished the quilt pictured for her nephews' 3rd birthday. Using squares from her fabric club stash, she used a cut and slash method, with a small border in chocolate, and finished off with a wide border of dogs. Last heard of the quilt was being tightly grasped by a sleeping 3 year old. She also has purchased fabric for another project but will continue to complete the LSL quilts. Stay tuned. The next quilt will be sandwiched at the next patchwork day on Friday 2nd March.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Next Sewing Day

The next sewing day is Friday 2 March. Two more bargello quilts should be nearly finished by then. Did you know there is a new name for it ? ( buggerello) . Ask Kerry about that one.

Yes we really do some sewing and not just coffee drinking and chatting.