Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sewing Day August 5

After a trial day at the Sport and Rec Centre ( THE TIN SHED) it now looks like that will be our "home " for awhile due to a couple of reasons.

We may need to try to obtain a few more stable tables as Fay certainly had her sewing machine rocking last time.
The photo is an example of machine quilting by Beth and Trevor Reid on one of their quilts included in the recent Textile Exhibition in Brisbane. This would certainly give you and your machine a good workout.
Hope to see you all Wednesday August 5th at the Tin Shed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Started and Finished

As the title suggests, this project was started and finished all within about a week! Narelle's daughter was on holiday from Uni and came along to patchwork day where she completed the embroidery for her folder cover.

She then had a sewing day at home for the cover and finished off the hand stitching to complete the project. The cover includes a pocket on the inside with a button close and a section for a pen.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Patchwork Wednesday

Wow, a whole day at patchwork for Narelle, it must be school holidays.
Yes, she did manage to finish her pink sewing mat and bring it along for show and tell.

Kerry also gave it a test run under her sewing machine.

Narelle spent the day cutting 2.5" strips ready to make a start on a log cabin quilt for her bed.
Everyone had a lovely day . . . sewing and chatting . . . we'll share more soon.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

School Holidays

It's school holiday time for Narelle which means no travelling to and fro . . . which means more sewing time . . . hopefully.

She bought this pattern from Tazzie Quilts, lets just say a while ago, and has finally got round to making not one but two. Here is the blue sewing mat tucked neatly under her machine.

Will she be able to finish the pink one in time for some 'show and tell' at patchwork on Wednesday?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Holidays (for some)

Yes, the winter holidays have arrived. Some of us are no doubt enjoying their time off work doing some sewing. Hope to see the results next Wednesday. While some of us have no holidays but enjoy the school children and teenagers being around home. Do we get some time for sewing? One hopes so, so the rest of us can see the results on Wednesday as well. Others probably have grandma duties and time spent sewing is probably very limited. Amazing how some of us can achieve some progress on our patchwork items and quilts.

Here is a twisted log cabin quilt made a while ago by Ruth. It is foundation pieced with every second block reversed for the different look to a usual twisted log cabin.

Hope to see you all Wednesday 8 July. Forget about tax time for a day.