Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Motion in Progress

Last Friday had us all busy sewing, drafting and of course chatting. We all look forward to this day each fortnight to catch up with what everyone is up to and just have a lovely day out with friends.

Narelle's time is usually cut short between work and family but Friday she was able to whip out the sewing machine and continue with some free motion quilting. We had a FMQ Day at the end of last year and Narelle made this colourful wall hanging to work on (after much practice).

So far she has done some flame quilting in the orange squares . . . . . . .

And a daisy chain that she thought up after trying some continuous leaves on a practice piece. (Click on the photos for a close-up) She also shadow quilted around the applique.
Kerry has finished piecing and joining all the blocks for the raffle quilt and has sewn the first border on. The quilt is coming along nicely and will soon be ready for quilting.
Roll on fortnight so we can sew and chat once more.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cancer Quilt Update

Here's a photo of the pinup stage of our "Cancer Quilt" raffle prize. We are really pleased with the way it has all come together and the pattern is showing up so clearly. The two borders are just being tried at the bottom but will be all the way round in the finished product.

A visitor called for a look. She was impressed with our work but we weren't listening when she suggested a strip that might be better moved to another block. Too many seams completed dear!!