Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our latest sewing adventures

Our last sewing day on Friday 14 March was quite historic politically speaking of course. Perry Shire Council ceased to exist on Saturday 15 March due to the forced upon us amalgamations. Whether we believed this was good or bad for us as a community was irrelevant. One day you would think politicians would learn to listen to their constituents.

We are interested in whether our sewing place will have to be renamed as well. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this small community on the very edge of our large new super regional council called the North Burnett Regional Council.

Perhaps we might be sewing in the Mt. Perry Hall soon if our new elected councillors decide all the current halls need a name change. More money spent on new signs.

Some actual sewing did happen last Friday in amongst some distractions. Kerry has finished the baby quilt and it will soon be jetsetting off to Bali with the baby.

Fay continued machine quilting her quilt. A cream on cream heirloom style quilt which she always says "wont photograph well" when you approach with a camera so no luck with a photo.

Margaret has been working on some applique pansies for a cushion and Ruth was still procrastinating over her contemporary blocks. Patty actually visited but alas the school clothes were more important than patchwork. Mind you Patty has some exciting news we'll mention IF she comes back from her travels.

Here's a photo of Ruth's latest blocks.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sewing Day 29 Feb

At the last sewing day we certainly showed our talents in different styles of patchwork and quilting. Kerry's baby quilt is certainly bright. Narelle was working on her english pieced heaxagons by hand, Sandra was burning the motor out on her new Janome creating stitched fabric for her heirloom quilt, Ruth was procrastinating in the corner about an upcoming workshop using hand dyed fabrics creating a contemporary pieced quilt. Margaret was finishing of her bargello started in Dec 2006 and Faye was machine quilting another bed quilt. ( Until the phone rang) and she was called away. Better luck this coming Friday I hope.

As promised here are some progress pics.

This is Sandra's second quilt using these techniques. She has certainly put a lot of time and effort into this quilt. She is now a committed hoarder of all things nice that can be used for these blocks.
This is a close up of a basket block. There are two of these in this quilt. Look at all that machine embroidery. Hours of marking and sewing . That new Janome will need a rest soon.