Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Patchwork Day By Distance: 2

The girls are coming, the girls are coming.  Yay! The Mt Perry Quilters travelled down, over or across to Narelle's place (me) today for a sewing good time. Work keeps me from joining in each month except for a quick visit at lunchtimes sometimes, so as it was school holidays and I was home; Patchwork Day was held at my home.

First order of business was to put the kettle on and break out the cupcakes. Then it was down to the real business of sewing. A quickish lunch break out on the verandah while enjoying a cool breeze

and then back to the sewing machines.  Not only was it a lovely day getting together, there was also lots of progress happening.

Margaret finished off her stunning quilt and then kept working on her bag.

Fay had made a start on her bag and was able to present the finished article by day's end.

Di was making great headway on her beautiful paper pieced blocks.

Kerry was full steam ahead and made this sweet bag from start to finish.

I'm pleased to have my Christmas swag all sewn up. Just adding some reindeer buttons between each flag for the finishing touch.

Nice to see Ruth was able to join in from a distance and get some sewing done. You were missed Ruth as were the other girls not able to join us.

Thanks everyone for the best day and I do hope I'll be able to get back into the swing of things next year ... fingers crossed.

Narelle    >^..^<

Patchwork Day by Distance, Some Admin notes, Invitation

We have received an invitation for a Quilty Day Out. The Lemon-Jos Quilters at Mundubbera are having an Airing of the Quilts"  We are all aware of the flood devastation that happened in January 2013 along the Burnett River, with the Mundubbera Bowling Club nestled on its banks suffering flooding nearly over its roof. Well the Lemon-Jos quilters are having a fund raising afternoon airing their quilts around the bowling club green to assist the Club and they need our support. I am sure that the actual shop Lemon Jos will be open for shopping during the morning but we can check with Alicia if that will be so. RSVP for catering to 0428654254.  
I unfortunately cannot attend as I am on night shift that particular weekend, but I will send in a donation to this worthy cause.
The girls have travelled away from the Perry Hall today  to Kalliwa to visit Narelle and have a sewing day at her place. I have been doing patchwork by distance today and was asked to show my sewing on our blog. I am pleased to say I have the borders finally attached to the Baby 2 Quilt. Last patchwork day I sewed an orange strip in between the yellow and batik strips. This was subsequently replaced with the turquoise strip. Much better. Now to make the back from the leftover fabric. Then the fun part really begins. Yes, the quilting.

On an admin note, while hunting around on the internet I ended up at the Pandora site and yes our blog has been archived 3 times and is hopefully due for archiving in November again. I feel that this is an achievement and hope we have successfully contributed to our cultural history through this medium.
Hope you all had a good day and achieved lots of sewing.