Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas and New Year Activities

Yes it is a new quilt top! completed by Ruth for her upcoming teaching stint for QCWA at Yeppoon in Jan 09 as an exercise in blending a print with some hand dyed fabrics. She has been busy along with everyone else. Just had to include a pic of a quilt.
Kerry has also finally been allowed to tell the world about her success in the DUQ Blankets of Love 2008 competition.
Narelle is still getting everything in order to meet all her Christmas and New Year Deadlines.
The rest of us are no doubt busy also.

Our Christmas trip ( a bit late in early January but who really cares) is organised for Jan 7,8,9.
We are off to the WagnerHilton at Proston for Wed night. (just don't forget the aerogard) At least there is a hot water system that now works there.
Thursday, is continuing to Toowoomba for 2 days of Shop til we wilt. Notice we are going to a cooler place.
We have accommodation organised in Toowoomba O/N in a self contained unit. The Myer store is open until 9pm so our wallets can really be emptied. We hope to arrive back in Mt Perry sometime Friday. So save your dollars, forget about the Chrissie shopping and save up for patchwork shopping.

The itinerary of shops is still being worked out but there is more there than Mt Perry has so we should have a good time.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are off to an early start and I heard a whisper that we are going to be really busy with STUFF in 2009.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Still Here

Yes we are still here and some of us are still managing to fit in some sewing time. Demands on everyone seem to increase at this time of the year which has made it more difficult for us to co-ordinate the next sewing day.

We hope to organize one more sewing day before Christmas but be warned, it could be at short notice. A nice morning tea followed by a lovely lunch, with some sewing in between of course. And don't forget the chit-chat.

Plans are in the pipe-line for a shopping trip sometime in January. Fabric dyeing is also on our 'would like to do' list along with another retreat so stay tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sewing Frenzy

In answer to the previous post question, yes we have been sewing. While we can usually squeeze in a bit of sewing time at home, it's when you move out for the weekend that the sewing really begins.

On Saturday, five of us girls set our sewing machines up in the local hall, had the regulation cuppa, and off we stitched. Sewing late into Saturday night, we were then back at the hall bright and early Sunday morning to finish what we started.

By Sunday afternoon and the last cuppa, we packed our things up and headed home. Everyone was very pleased with their achievements for the weekend. At last count we have . . . 2 bed quilts well on the way . . . 1 doll quilt completed . . . 1 table topper completed . . . 3 mug bags almost finished . . . 1 lap or bed quilt well on the way . . . many cups of tea/coffee consumed, good food enjoyed and wonderful company cherrished.

Thanks ladies, lets do it again.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Has Anybody been Sewing??????

Looks like we've all been too busy doing other things.
BUT preparations are being made to fix that problem.
2 days of sewing are planned for the Sat 8 and Sun 9 November. The girls have a project organised for the lucky ones who can attend.
The busy social calendar is hotting up in Mt Perry again with the Truck Pull and Art Show this weekend. So even less time for sewing but I'm sure all these other activities make our sewing life better.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Girls Night In

Drawn – October 3rd, 2008
Winner – Angelene of Gayndah

Ticket was purchased at Arts, Beads and Crafts,
Targo Street, Bundaberg.

An amount of $1907.00 was raised through ticket sales
and the “girls night in” function held on 3rd October.
This amount will be forwarded to Qld Cancer Council.


There was also a table of donated craft work
for on the night prize draws.
All the Mount Perry Quilters deserve a pat on the back
for this wonderful achievement.
Special thanks to anyone who helped out in any way.

A movie; chemo friendly beauty treatment and lessons in self examination were all part of the evening. All who attended were rewarded with a fun night out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quiet Patchwork Day

Yesterday was a very quiet day for our patchwork girls. Ruth was beginning to wonder if she was the lone patchworker until Kerry and her Mum arrived. Narelle sent a text to say she was feeling under the weather. Everyone else had other things crop up that had to come first. That's life.

Ruth has completed her runner for the girlsnightin and Narelle has just a little more hand sewing on the binding of the small wall hanging. All other preparations are well in hand.

Hopefully next patchwork day a few more can make it. It's getting close to that silly time of the year when we are just all so busy.

Happy Sewing

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sewing Day = Busy Girls

Yes, Friday we finally made it. Seven of us were able to make an appearance for varying amounts of time. Kerry has things well under way for the Girls Night In and Ruth has made a good start on plans for our Christmas Shopping Trip that most likely will be a New Year Shopping Trip due to hectic schedules for the rest of this year.

Kerry has also been busy making a few items for a raffle on the night as well as finishing off another minky baby quilt.

Ruth was busy adding another prize for the night and something for herself.

Narelle made it by lunch and was able to stay till the end. She was multi-tasking while working on her PIF gifts. Except while winding the bobbin and enjoying a piece of banana cake and coffee, the cotton slipped off and lets just say the bobbin got a "little" messy.

Fay was working on a beatiful wall hanging for her daughter. She also squeezed in a hair appointment so had packed up when the camera came out.

Margaret is almost done on this stunning cream quilt, not her first.

Patty popped in during her lunch break and Irene was able to visit before and after work committments.
Wouldn't it be lovely if it was maditory for every woman to spend one day per week wholely on themselves and nothing and no-one else. We can dream.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ideas For Spring Sewing Activities Please

Next Friday should be an interesting sewing day. Planning for some activities such as The Girls Night In, A Dyeing Day, Our Christmas shopping excursion and anything else that we are keen to do. So roll up with some great ideas please everybody.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Non Event Day AGAIN!

Our last sewing day was another non event day. This time due to ill health and work commitments ( really it was the cold weather wasn't it girls? Or was it the Olympics ?
Isn't it a shame that living gets in the way of patchwork. Both activities form a symbiotic relationship as patchwork looks after your mental health but isn't it a shame when the balance sometimes can't be achieved.
This is what happens when you only have a small group.

Plans are well in hand for our Girls Night In Cancer Fundraiser and Awareness Night in October. Keep an eye on the countdown. Hope the raffle ticket sales are progressing well.
Lets hope for some sewing action on Friday 29th.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next Sewing Day

Hopefully our best laid plans for a sewing day on Friday 15th will happen. Some of us have been super busy doing anything but sewing.
At least Kerry and Narelle have been busy entering the Blankets of Love competition. No pictures are allowed so you will have to wait and see if they are successful.
The raffle tickets for our Cancer Quilt are being sold in many places. They are available from Arts Beads and Crafts in Bundaberg , various locations in Mt Perry so hopefully we will have some sales.

The Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition has been and Patty's sister Denise was a lucky winner of a daily raffle prize. The quilts were good to look at also. I think the white machine embroidered quilt made of all the small blocks won the viewer's choice award and the black and white challenge quilt winner was the penguin quilt above the challenge desk.
Ruth has been for a quick visit to the RNA Ekka and saw the Quilts Across Queensland show.
There were about 120 quilts to see. The hanging space is a bit crowded but well worth the viewing so if you have a chance to visit the Ekka put this on your must see list.
The dairy goats were very interesting animals as well at the Ekka. One was asleep with its head in the feed bucket. The dairy cows were also being prepared for their judging. Some have shaved tails and some have completely shaved bodies. The manufacturers of electric shavers and hair dryers must love showtime.
Back to patchwork on Friday so hope to see everybody there.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Rainin Again

As the song goes, yes it has been raining again. So much that it has disrupted our planned sewing day. Now we all love the rain in this dry continent but it would be better if the road builders would give some of us bitumen roads. Once our roads get wet some of us slip and slide in our cars so we decided to cancel our sewing day.

Next week it is the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition and certainly well worth visiting. Wonder how Patty's Challenge Quilt will fare ? She is so proud that it is finished. Much better than Ruth's effort which is still in the fat quarter stage in the shopping bag.
Narelle is currently participating in a finish items by July's end challenge so with her enforced stay at home because of the roads hopefully that is happening.
Do all quiltmakers need a deadline to actually finish everything or does boredom with your current project win and it becomes a UFO while you start something else?
As Ruth has been sitting quietly handquilting her "must finish by 30th August project" she has been pondering her next project. It's amazing how many experienced quilters are right in their advice about this craft. Maybe it is better to start 10 things and work concurrently on them so the dreaded boredom does not set in. This at least allows you to live comfortably with the mess from that number of projects and be guilt free about your number of UFO's.

Our last posting about our cancer fundraising quilt was would you believe our 100th posting.
It is amazing that we have been online for 2 years. We try to post weekly so we are not doing too bad. Must give ourselves a congratulatory pat on the back.
Hope to catch up with you all next week at the Exhibition in Bundaberg.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cancer Quilt

Here it is!! Finished at last, and tickets are selling hot! We are very proud of our efforts and hope that we can raise heaps for the cancer foundation. We're off to a good start and drawing date is not till October 3rd.

Last patchwork day (July 11), proved to be a great catchup for most. Narelle even came along; bringing with her both daughter and mother to join in the fun.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Inspirational Moments

Sometimes life cannot be all patchwork. Mt. Perry has a natural attraction on it's doorstep called Mount Perry Mountain. Sometimes we get the urge to go for an inspirational climb to the top.

BUT does it have to be in the ( fog) more like mist. Some of us started a trek on Sunday morning with some doubts about the weather. Raincoats came in very handy as we made it to the top. Up the cow paddock hill, through the wattle scrub, over the rocks, through the hoop pine forests, over some more rocks and through the eucalypts to the top. A small rest at the top and back down the way we came up. You could see nothing but cloud at the top.
Here is someone pleased to stand and overlook the town in the misty background on the way down.

A bit over 4 hours of climbing, laughter, puffing and panting and questioning our motives and sensibilities, and we were home again to a hot shower, feeling that sewing in front of a log fire is a better option on a rainy day.

But when you see scenery like these mossy rocks around the massive fig tree you have to be inspired by your surroundings to enjoy your own backyard.

BUT How come every time Patty has a suggestion lately it involves getting wet.
She has taken us kayaking on Paradise Dam, climbing Mount Perry in the wet, so where will she take us next?

Maybe the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition????

Friday, July 04, 2008

Sewing Day 27 June

As usual our sewing days show the easy come easy go nature of our group. Some members took the opportunity of a free day from work to stay at home and sew. By all reports it was just as well as the dreaded lurgy hit and lots of doses of panadol were required to get through the day.

Other members grabbed the unexpected opportunity to attend and had an enjoyable if a bit cold kind of day. Mt. Perry Hall is notorious for being cold in the mornings.
A new patchworker also joined us for the first time, vowing to come back with her work completed in 2 weeks.

The Cancer Quilt raffle tickets have arrived and booklets have been handed out. Kerry has had very brisk ticket sales meaning the rest of us had better find other people to ask. That might be hard in a small place like Mt. Perry. A photo will be displayed when it has been photographed hanging in a commercial place in Mt. Perry.

Kerry actually finished blanket stitching her cot quilt bears in between selling raffle tickets to any person she saw in Mt. Perry that day.
Ruth has been hand quilting her large " secret quilt'. She has now finished cross hatching the centre panel.

Fay was designing another granddaughter quilt.
Margaret was still working on her applique blocks and talking about art.
Irene continued on her new project she had started a few days earlier with Kerry's assistance.

School holidays are a good time for catching up with small projects while the usual school trips and catching the blasted school bus does not have to happen. Next Friday 11 July we might see some young ones visit with us. Hope so.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Patchy News - Cancer Quilt Update

Australia Post has done well! The raffle quilt was posted Thursday and arrived Friday at Highfields. As Kerry said, " why send it Express Post". It should be quilted by end of June hopefully. An all over design in the centre parts plus a different design in the border.
A variegated denim looking Signature Thread will be used so it should highlight different areas of the quilt.

Shop news! Alana's shop in Gin Gin also has some new patchwork fabrics ready for the shelves. There were about 10 bolts of fabric prints ready to be unwrapped and displayed for sale on the counter . The sales assistant quoted a price of $19.50/ metre before the unwrapping began , so if you are interested and have some spare time as you drive through Gin Gin call in.

Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition: The closing date for your Exhibition Form plus photo is June 28 2008 NOT Sat June 22nd. A glitch in the system there. Don't forget the Exhibiton is on August 1,2 and 3 hope these dates are correct. There will be some wonderful quilts to look at over that weekend.

See you all on the 27th.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Patchy News

Friday 6 June was a long patchwork day for most of us. Kerry started early hoping to have a long day enjoying a meal with other crafty friends that night. Unfortunately other events interrupted her grand plans. We do try to keep up the sewing spirit though.
There was a procession of patchworkers visit the hall on Friday mostly at different times.
Ruth visited early working on her large mystery project until she had to depart to Monto to attend the Festival preparations. She did manage to finish tidying up the quilt in preparation for sandwiching.
Margaret attended sewing her applique articles.
Patty rolled up with her patchwork tablecloth ( from last time) completed of course. There is a photo somewhere in the archives. She has finished her black and white challenge for the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition in August. Mind you Ruth's is still in 4 black and white fat quarters in a plastic shopping bag from Patchwork On Pallas. ( November shopping spree) and that's where they will stay.
Narelle and Kath turned up sometime and as I was no longer there I'm not sure what they got up to.
Kerry went off to work for a few hours. Yes she now has a small source of patchwork money.
Sandra was on grandma duty so knowing her she was probably accomplishing a lot at home.
Kerry finished work hoping she didn't have to cook tea that night and returned. Her dreams were foiled and in the end went home and cooked tea . Maybe next time we may stay late.

Talking about money for patchwork fabric , Jenny Bowker has an interesting comment in her talking point column in issue 121 Down Under Quilts out now. Have a read and no longer feel guilty. I now like the idea of fabric superannuation.
The winning quilts from the NSW Sydney Quilt SHow are now on screen also hope this gets you there. http://quiltersguildnsw.com/quiltshow

STOP PRESS: the raffle quilt top has been finished and posted to the machine quilter. Kerry certainly has been busy.
Should be back from the quilter in a couple of weeks. Then we will have some good photos for you.
Note: the next patchwork day is 3 weeks away on June 27 so hope to see you there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Motion in Progress

Last Friday had us all busy sewing, drafting and of course chatting. We all look forward to this day each fortnight to catch up with what everyone is up to and just have a lovely day out with friends.

Narelle's time is usually cut short between work and family but Friday she was able to whip out the sewing machine and continue with some free motion quilting. We had a FMQ Day at the end of last year and Narelle made this colourful wall hanging to work on (after much practice).

So far she has done some flame quilting in the orange squares . . . . . . .

And a daisy chain that she thought up after trying some continuous leaves on a practice piece. (Click on the photos for a close-up) She also shadow quilted around the applique.
Kerry has finished piecing and joining all the blocks for the raffle quilt and has sewn the first border on. The quilt is coming along nicely and will soon be ready for quilting.
Roll on fortnight so we can sew and chat once more.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cancer Quilt Update

Here's a photo of the pinup stage of our "Cancer Quilt" raffle prize. We are really pleased with the way it has all come together and the pattern is showing up so clearly. The two borders are just being tried at the bottom but will be all the way round in the finished product.

A visitor called for a look. She was impressed with our work but we weren't listening when she suggested a strip that might be better moved to another block. Too many seams completed dear!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Applique

Looks like applique is a popular topic. Quite a few visitors have found us through searching for applique topics. Welcome, glad you have found us and come back to visit us often.

Ruth has been slowly working on a shadow applique project. Progress certainly has been slow and here is a photo of one lone block.

She hopes to finish some more soon to make a quilt for a special person.

Shadow applique involves placing organza over the raw edge applique shapes. Ruth uses 2 rows of machine stitching around each shape. This finishes off the edges and creates an overall delicate picture. A twin needle would give the same effect but tension problems would easily cause puckering.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Applique Centre Block

Satin stitch applique by machine is the method used by Fay in her centre block. More borders are being added to finish off this quilt. More applique elements will appear in the borders. Faye's fabric selection creates wonderful flowers. She is also ending up with some swiss cheese fabric left over.
Next patchwork day is not until May 9th so mark your calendars.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Local Show

No unfortunately it's not just a Quilt Show we're talking about. Our local agricultural show where everybody rolls up and participates in something is coming to town. Whether you are a steward, competitor, volunteer or spectator ( or all 4 during the day) we must attend our local show.

Cooking, sewing , craft work, woodchopping, horse events, cattle shows and ringside entertainment and of course some side shows, flowers,fruit,vegetables , floral art and schoolwork. There's even demonstrations of some things new and the proverbial old as well.

Yes it's all coming this Saturday April 19 at the Mt Perry Showgrounds.

So hope you have been avidly reading the schedule and been organising ( finishing ) your entries.
Here is one item that probably wont be entered as it should by now be on its way to its new owner. This quilt was made in 12 hours of machine sewing by Patty. It's to keep her daughter warm whilst in her gap year serving her country. I'm sure it will be loved in its new home. Patty's 2 sisters machine quilted it on their mid arm frame in 6 hours for her. Doesn't she have some lovely sisters?

Patty is a well known hoarder of bits and pieces. The bright pink patches are of an old shiny dressing gown and the finished item is certainly not how she envisaged it would be when she started. She just wanted to use up some calico. The new owners fave colour is you guessed it PINK!. Not that she is probably wearing much pink these days. Hope it keeps you warm Yanna.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Applique Techniques

We certainly showed the various applique techniques that are available for quilt making.

Out of 5 quiltmakers sewing in the hall , 4 were working on applique projects.

Narelle was out of style as she was finishing a quilt for sending off for an internet swap to someplace overseas.
The rest of us were appliqueing and designing more things to applique.

Lia was buttonholing by machine a series of blocks commenced before the Brisbane visit rudely interrupted her sewing career.

There are quite a few of these and she has a production line in action buttonholing around all those small flowers. It was good to see her return and therapeutic for her to keep sewing.

Saturday 12 April sees the Charity Auction at the Grand Hotel Mt Perry to raise funds for the Burns Unit at RBWH Brisbane.

Margaret was busy with her pansy leaves. These are satin stitch applique using a variety of different machine embroidery techniques for the backgrounds. The total number of these pansy petals are quite high so we know what Margaret will be working on for awhile yet. Margaret is very good at artwork so we reckon she should start designing her own pattern line.

Margarets clever use of her fabric has ensured she now possesses swiss cheese fabric in her workbox. She is also very clever at her colour combinations.

More photoes will be displayed in our next post of our other projects.

Our next sewing day is May 9th because Anzac Day falls on our next Friday date. This is also a Bundaberg Agro Trend day so plan your busy schedules accordingly.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some Good News at last

Friday 28 March delivered us some good news. As we no longer have a community newsletter since Perry Shire ceased to exist we thought we would share some snippets.

One of our members who has spent a while "working " in Brisbane at the Burns Unit assisting in the care of her family members has returned home. Eager to rev up the sewing machine and pick up the threads where they were interrupted weeks ago. She called in for a visit on Friday 28th vowing to return to sew on the 11 April.
A charity auction is being conducted on April 12 at the Grand Hotel Mt. Perry to raise some funds for the Burns Unit in Brisbane as a result of their misadventures.

Politically speaking we had some news as well, with a previous councillor from Mt Perry surviving a close count to be elected as our Division 5 councillor in the North Burnett Regional Council. Division 5 covers a large area and Mt Perry only has a small population within that area.
The Mayor of our new council was also the Mayor of Perry Shire Council so we know the interests of all in the North Burnett Regional Council area will be well served by these two people who have been elected to this new council.

Patchwork also plays a large role in the life of the new Blackall Tambo Council Mayor as Jan Ross is the current QCWA Piecemakers convenor. We have a link to their blog if you wish to visit .
We talk about large distances to travel around our area, she has a 2 hour drive just to get to her new office. Maybe she should employ a driver and she could do some hand piecing in that time.

The last sewing day saw Kerry proceeding with our latest adventure. A raffle quilt for a Cancer Fund Raiser. We purchased the fabric on our shopping spree in December. Ruth cut it up and Kerry has commenced sewing. Anybody wishing to assist with this project will be welcomed with open arms and given a small job.
The rest of us continued working on our projects. Patty spent the day preparing for her big adventure overseas. I hope she takes a camera with her.
Next patchwork day is during the school holidays so we may have some young ones with us learning to sew.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our latest sewing adventures

Our last sewing day on Friday 14 March was quite historic politically speaking of course. Perry Shire Council ceased to exist on Saturday 15 March due to the forced upon us amalgamations. Whether we believed this was good or bad for us as a community was irrelevant. One day you would think politicians would learn to listen to their constituents.

We are interested in whether our sewing place will have to be renamed as well. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this small community on the very edge of our large new super regional council called the North Burnett Regional Council.

Perhaps we might be sewing in the Mt. Perry Hall soon if our new elected councillors decide all the current halls need a name change. More money spent on new signs.

Some actual sewing did happen last Friday in amongst some distractions. Kerry has finished the baby quilt and it will soon be jetsetting off to Bali with the baby.

Fay continued machine quilting her quilt. A cream on cream heirloom style quilt which she always says "wont photograph well" when you approach with a camera so no luck with a photo.

Margaret has been working on some applique pansies for a cushion and Ruth was still procrastinating over her contemporary blocks. Patty actually visited but alas the school clothes were more important than patchwork. Mind you Patty has some exciting news we'll mention IF she comes back from her travels.

Here's a photo of Ruth's latest blocks.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sewing Day 29 Feb

At the last sewing day we certainly showed our talents in different styles of patchwork and quilting. Kerry's baby quilt is certainly bright. Narelle was working on her english pieced heaxagons by hand, Sandra was burning the motor out on her new Janome creating stitched fabric for her heirloom quilt, Ruth was procrastinating in the corner about an upcoming workshop using hand dyed fabrics creating a contemporary pieced quilt. Margaret was finishing of her bargello started in Dec 2006 and Faye was machine quilting another bed quilt. ( Until the phone rang) and she was called away. Better luck this coming Friday I hope.

As promised here are some progress pics.

This is Sandra's second quilt using these techniques. She has certainly put a lot of time and effort into this quilt. She is now a committed hoarder of all things nice that can be used for these blocks.
This is a close up of a basket block. There are two of these in this quilt. Look at all that machine embroidery. Hours of marking and sewing . That new Janome will need a rest soon.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Works in Progress 1

Friday 29 th February saw us all sewing in the Hall. No proposals from this group of girls to any unsuspecting males on this Leap Year Day. It was hard to believe it's the last day of summer.

Some projects are well under way for 2008. Kerry has been feverishly finishing another baby quilt for another family arrival. The last one was featured on the blog and it turns out that was the only photo taken of it before the baby received it, so the photo was much appreciated.

This one is still at the basting stage. Kerry will be too busy travelling to worry about the quilting for 2 weeks.

Kerry has used some of her hand dyed fabrics as well as some prints. The baby will certainly love sleeping on this bright quilt.

More quilts next week as 3 cameras made it to patchwork today.

Friday, February 08, 2008

What Can We Do to Help?

Our blog has always been intended to be an informal newsletter for our small group as we could not see the point in using a paper version. We had no idea the interest that it could generate. Other small community groups in our local area are following our lead and joining in.

This is one time to fulfill that mission for a community newsletter as on a sad note , one of our members family has been going through a bit of a tough time with some severe injuries to 2 of their children after a shocking accident last week.
The local school bus driver has even decided to donate his swear jar money to the Hospital Unit that the children are in. I'm sure he'd be grateful of some more donations to the cause without having to listen to the swearing of course. So how about it girls, what else can we do?

Lets hope the boys recover soon and you are all back home in Mt Perry with us again.

Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 Sewing Days

Yes! We finally met for the first time in 2008 in the Perry Shire Hall. Wonder what we will soon have to rename the Hall to as Perry Shire will no longer exist. Council amalgamations will effect changes on everybody's daily lives soon. We have decided to meet fortnightly for awhile as one of our members now works part time on Fridays. This should give her a chance to catch up with the rest of us and spend some time relaxing with the needle and thread.

The major project for 2008 was cut up today and Kerry started sewing pieces together. Looks like she will have to sew it all now as we learnt about using different quarter inch feet in a previous project causing us headaches. We will keep you informed about this project along the way and are hoping for your support in some way later in the year.

We are also discussing having another dyeing day and we may make it a two day workshop.

More information will be available at a later posting. It sure looks like it might be another busy year.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ready for 2008

FINALLY, the date has been set for our first patchwork day. Our best intentions of getting together over the holidays were squashed but now that the kiddies are back to school and routines are set back in motion, its sewing time.

We will be meeting in the Hall on Friday 1st February to catch-up not only with sewing but in all honesty there will be a lot of catch-up chat as well. After all the patchwork and quilting is only half the equation, the other half is friendship. So here's to a wonderful year full of both.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Encouraging the younger ones.........

This runner was started at the end of the September school
holidays when we encouraged a few daughters along instead of
cancelling our patchwork day. The idea was a smaller project
for a 14 year old with the view to having it completed in
time to be a Christmas present for Mum. But the question was,
"Which Christmas?" Well, here it is! I'm proud to say that
it was completed almost 100% by Rachel and found wrapped
under the christmas tree on christmas day. Congratulations
on a job well done. There are now orders in for a few more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have We All Left Town?

It is the holiday season after all isn't it? Looks like January is a wipeout for sewing once again. Everybody has been too busy having fun travelling around over the holiday break, visiting friends and relatives. I think it will be February before the Hall sees us gathering there once again.

To keep the quilting theme alive here is a pic of a quilt that Ruth made some years ago.

It is foundation pieced and machine quilted using scraps of navy and yellow prints. It is a bit difficult to see the variegated thread used in this picture though.