Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Patchy News

Friday 6 June was a long patchwork day for most of us. Kerry started early hoping to have a long day enjoying a meal with other crafty friends that night. Unfortunately other events interrupted her grand plans. We do try to keep up the sewing spirit though.
There was a procession of patchworkers visit the hall on Friday mostly at different times.
Ruth visited early working on her large mystery project until she had to depart to Monto to attend the Festival preparations. She did manage to finish tidying up the quilt in preparation for sandwiching.
Margaret attended sewing her applique articles.
Patty rolled up with her patchwork tablecloth ( from last time) completed of course. There is a photo somewhere in the archives. She has finished her black and white challenge for the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition in August. Mind you Ruth's is still in 4 black and white fat quarters in a plastic shopping bag from Patchwork On Pallas. ( November shopping spree) and that's where they will stay.
Narelle and Kath turned up sometime and as I was no longer there I'm not sure what they got up to.
Kerry went off to work for a few hours. Yes she now has a small source of patchwork money.
Sandra was on grandma duty so knowing her she was probably accomplishing a lot at home.
Kerry finished work hoping she didn't have to cook tea that night and returned. Her dreams were foiled and in the end went home and cooked tea . Maybe next time we may stay late.

Talking about money for patchwork fabric , Jenny Bowker has an interesting comment in her talking point column in issue 121 Down Under Quilts out now. Have a read and no longer feel guilty. I now like the idea of fabric superannuation.
The winning quilts from the NSW Sydney Quilt SHow are now on screen also hope this gets you there.

STOP PRESS: the raffle quilt top has been finished and posted to the machine quilter. Kerry certainly has been busy.
Should be back from the quilter in a couple of weeks. Then we will have some good photos for you.
Note: the next patchwork day is 3 weeks away on June 27 so hope to see you there.

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