Tuesday, August 18, 2015

17th August, 2015

After a slow start because one of us forgot to come - and she had the key - it was a happy group gathered for our fortnightly patchwork group.
With a new battery in the camera, I was able to snap away and have something to show for our efforts.

                                     Sandra's Australian prints quilt                                                
                             Kerry's machine embroidered hand towels                                            

                                  Margaret's machine embroidery

With more than an hour's stitching in each hand towel, there is obviously days (or week's) worth of hour's in Margaret's embroidery work.  The photos don't do justice to the lovely teal colours in the quilt above. Looking forward to seeing it come together with the borders.  Also, to seeing something of Sandra's embroidered quilt project too.  Photo subjects for next time!

Well done everyone!  Oh, and Fay was with us too; but working on secret sewer's business.

Looking forward to next time, and maybe being joined by some missing members.

Happy sewing!

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