Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyeing Workshop Costs.

The cost for the fabric dyeing workshop on Sat 31 Oct if you are not bringing along your stash of dyes is $13.50 . This covers the cost of dyes and soda ash. If you are only paying for the soda ash it will cost you $1.50. This covers the cost for the basic 24 step colourwheel using a fat or skinny quarter.

Hope the preparations for the strips n curves workshop at the same time are well in hand.
Ruth can bring along a couple of ironing rolls for the pressing of the strips as she has found some more old tent posts. Has anyone else thought of an ironing board. At least we'll have well pressed clothes if we decide to "go out " for tea. Don't know if I'll have room in the car for my swag. Has anyone else got that problem?
Final preparations will be sorted out Wed 28 October at our next sewing day. See you then.

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