Monday, October 01, 2007

From the Exhibition

Here is an update on our current exhibition which runs till the 14th October. This first photo (left to right) shows the quilts of Sandra, Ruth and Fay hanging along one wall of the gallery.

The second photo (left to right) is of Annette's (Tutor), Narelle's (2 narrow ones) and Margaret's. A clearer picture of Margaret's quilt is further below. You may notice that Margaret chose the same fabric as Annette's with a totally different outcome. The end result is all in the eye of the creator.

This third photo (left to right) shows the quilts of Narelle, Margaret and Sandra again, with Patty's Pineapple ensemble arranged in the corner. Patty chose to make her kaleidoscope into a bath mat and matched it by embroidering pieces from the print onto some towels.

More photos on our next blog.

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