Monday, October 22, 2007

More Exhibition Stories

Kerry has produced a stunning example of a kaleidoscope quilt with her "Lost at Sea" quilt. The original fabric had ships floating in the sea all over it.
This is made for her eldest son's bed so he has had considerable input as to the placement of the hexagons. Somewhere in the sea is a hexagon of the original fabric. Another tricky aspect which can be added to this type of quilt. The border has been constructed from some hand dyed fabric coloured by Kerry along with her left over hexagons. She also dyed the fabric used for the back of the quilt. She learnt these skills at an earlier workshop on dyeing held in Mt. Perry.
Her son has patiently waited while it was displayed in the Art Gallery. The Exhibition is now over and all the quilts returned to their owners so he should at last be enjoying the new quilt for his bed. Next winter he will certainly be pleased to be under it.

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