Friday, September 14, 2007

After the Exhibition Deadline

It was back to 'normal' for the ladies who attended patchwork today. We had a very successful opening of the exhibition on Wednesday and would like to thank all who attended. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying the kaleidoscope of colours.

Two girls have moved onto their next projects while two are completing current projects. I've decided that my next accomplishment will be to finish my bed quilt that I started 2+ years ago. It's almost finished but other ideas keep jumping the queue. Not this time, I'm determined, I hope.

If you are in Mt. Perry, we hope you have an opportunity to view the quilts while they hang in the Pat Augustine Cultural Centre till the 14th October. We will continue to post photographs along the way.
If you look back to the August 24th blog, you will note the unfinished kaleidoscope quilt and here it is completed. The quilt to the left is a Bargello which was from another workshop earlier in the year.
There's nothing like a deadline to keep you on your toes.

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