Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flooding in the North Burnett

Our area has been through a bit of a disaster in recent weeks.The rain started falling a few days after our first patchwork day for the year. Most of us have never experienced this type of weather before, certainly a new experience for me. I have gathered a few photoes sent to me to share.  This first one is on the road west of Mt Perry to Monto at Reids Creek Bridge. Certainly a sight repeated often throughout this area. I have seen a similar picture on the road east of Mt Perry towards Gin Gin, isolating Mt Perry for quite a few days. The road gangs have been out and fortunately made a lot of temporary repairs, allowing access for food supplies and medical needs.
This house at Cooee on Reids Creek, bears the high water mark, about 2 metres higher than previous known creek heights.
Bundaberg our main business centre fared badly as well. I did see a photo of people hurriedly emptying The Quilters Shack of all its stock before the water got too deep. I am unaware if they have reopened for business yet, but they will need our support when they do. This is a photo of North Bundaberg with Gavin Street, the long street in the middle of the photo. I am not sure if this was taken at the height of the flood.


We have all probably heard the miraculous story of survival of Lucy by now. Lucy no longer lives in Mt Perry having moved to Ceratodus near the Burnett River a while ago. If you haven't watched the interview with her rescuer Rodney Hartwig, you should do so.  hopefully will get you there.
 This is an after photo of the paulownia tree farm at Ceratodus where she clung to the tree along with the snakes listening to the trees snapping off around her.
. Amazing story, and we are thankful to her rescuers and her amazing courage for her survival.

This was Patty's driveway after 785mm rain, I am not sure how they have repaired it, but at least the goats would be enjoying their fresh grass.



Back to Bundaberg, the Tallon Bridge or "New Bridge" as locally called. This was the main northbound link over the Burnett River and rail line, this certainly caused very local traffic delays and chaos. With the Cedars Bridge also under water, it meant a very long trip for awhile just to get to Bundaberg. Thank goodness, the necessary repairs have been made.


A forlorn sight to me, an old steam engine that is usually resplendent on the banks of the Burnett River at Mundubbera. It has nowhere to go as the trains do not come to Mundubbera anymore ( nowhere in the North and Central Burnett for that matter) and now surrounded by water. Luckily the water receded fairly quickly allowing the massive cleanup to start.


The patchwork shop at Mundubbera (Lemon Jo's ) had water over its floorboards. Most of the stock was safely moved to higher ground.


I have heard so many stories from my family and friends throughout the North, Central and South Burnett areas and Bundaberg about how this has impacted on everybody. My brother in law is still rescuing the neighbours pigs and cows amongst his devastated citrus trees 3 weeks on from the flood. I have heard about Faye having to burn the washed up dead pigs at Paradise Dam, I was glad to hear that Faye was safe down there. It is a bit heartbreaking for me, knowing the people who have lost the pigs and the people finding them further downstream. A work colleague lives on the northern side of the Paradise Dam wall and said the noise of the water rushing over the wall was phenomenal.

I spent an evening at the Bundaberg Quilters before this flood, packing up the last of their comfort quilts to be sent to Tasmania after their bushfires, never thinking that their city and area would be suffering a natural disaster in a few weeks. They have certainly been busy since, sewing and quilting making more comfort quilts. They are holding a Market Stall for Flood Relief at the Family Centre Tuesday and Wednesday 26 and 27 th February at the Family Centre Showgrounds in Bundaberg selling all things quilty and even cooking books, from 11am to 4pm. Of course they have already made a Raffle Quilt for the flood appeal. So if you are in Bundaberg that day, hop along to visit.
I am certain that most of us can get through this with a bit of help from our friends. I had to miss Patchwork in Perry yesterday, so this is my way of keeping in touch with you all, miss you all,

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