Saturday, February 23, 2013

After the Floods - Patchwork Day

We missed you too Ruth :)  Here is a little of what the girls got up to.

Both Kath and I are working on Wednesdays this year so were out the back gate like a shot and popped in for a lunchtime visit and snapped some photos.

Kerry was busy at her machine sewing jelly roll strips together, pressing and then cutting into 4.5" squares.  This is from the workshop 5 of us attended in Bundaberg last Saturday.

Fay was also busy at her machine working on the same mystery quilt ... see the peak of the pattern?

Margaret and her gorgeous assistance Rachel were "playing" with layouts for the mystery quilt. I ducked in again in the afternoon as they were placing the last pieces of the puzzle. The second photo is Margaret's choice of design for the morning session at the workshop.

Not sure if Lyn had been working on her workshop quilt but I snapped this shot of her lovely applique/embroidery piece.

Anna and Noela were visiting the girls when we arrived and as we headed back to work, Patty also made a lunchtime call.  Never a dull moment on patchwork day ... plenty of chatter with a good dollop of laughter and yes they do get some sewing done as well. It was nice to be able to catch up if only for a short time and look forward to seeing what you're all up to next month ... hope Ruth is able to join us next time too.

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