Thursday, June 21, 2012

Friday June 15 2012

Friday 15th, a change of venue and the cold weather did not stop us. 5 of us enjoyed a day in the hall for patchwork. Printing photos on fabric was the mini workshop conducted by Patty which we all enjoyed.
 We were well protected against the cold. Glad we are not there this week, with the temperatures even lower. Ironing freezer paper to fabric to allow the sheets to feed through a printer. Techniques were spoken about to suit all types of inkjet printers.
 Show and Tell,
 Fay's candlewicking in progress. No doubt it will become a beautiful quilt in a few months.
 This cute little fellow arrived under Margaret's arm only to open up and out came the knitting.
 Patty brought this bag along. Her first effort at Zentangle quilting. She also coloured in sections with a gel pen. Hope to see more next time.
Next patchwork day July 11. Hope it's not TOO COLD in the Hall. Just bring along a few quilts to keep us warm. Don't forget our exhibit in the Mt Perry Art Gallery is not too far away.

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