Thursday, March 25, 2010

A quiet day....

OOOps! Sorry Narelle, the cameras were a no show, as were a few of our patchwork pals.

The four of us present had a fun day of stitching and catching up.

Sandra was still working on Noah's ark orientated stitching for the new arrival soon to join the family. It seems DD just keeps coming up with ideas to use up those last bits of fabric. Not much left now, and I'm sure Grandma will be so thrilled with the look of all those matching pieces in the new nursery. Justly proud of more than just the new arrival!

Ruth is still stitching on her red compasses. Six more to go! And was full of news of her recent ACDC trip and her quilting machine experiences.

Margaret opted for an easy carry project for the day, making a start on an oven mitt for herself after giving the last one away. Let's hope this one ends up in her kitchen.

And me....well DH left me with his vehicle again, making transporting my machine a no go. So that left me sporting my hand stitching again. Making progress though; so that's the main thing.

The day ended with a laugh when the three remaining stitchers were left hunting high and low for a lost key. Of course it was she of many bags who had had possession, which meant digging through many bags and many pockets in many no avail. Finally through a retrace of footsteps the said key was found and we could all call it a day. Thank god! That bin near the doorway was hard to take!!

Guess we'll catch you all at the Mt Perry show next. All sporting plenty of stitching for the pavilion of course. Good luck with your entries!

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Narelle said...

Not good enough girls ... I need pictures :o))

I have four entries for the show, how about everyone else?