Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Sewing Day Report

Margaret certainly earns the reputation of being a prolific patchworker and quilter. She is certainly getting serious about this new interest of hers. Above is her flannel shaggy quilt. It is a very hot day today but she will certainly welcome this beauty to sit on her knees, come the cooler months. Makes a bit of a mess when constructing and washing this quilt due to its shagginess.

The above photo is of her new cutting mat bag. Have a good look at the fabric and the ruler peeking out of the bag is a 24" x 6" ruler to give you an idea of the size. There are numerous inside pockets as well to hold all of the important gadgets we require.
As for the rest of us, Kerry worked on a small hand stitching project, Ruth has finished the elements of her 2nd red compass ( just needs all 40 pieces stitched together), Sandra is working away at her 9 patch pizzazz, Fay was sewing some blocks and continuing on her hand applique.
Narelle was notably ABSENT and sent a text about a coffee shop she was patronising but neglected to inform us where. Trust her to sniff out a coffee drink.
Sandra and Margaret also made sure of the directions to find some patchwork shops in Brisbane next week. Hope thay can discover some more for us. Also heard that Boolboonda Quilters have Van Cootens Drapery coming the weekend of March 12. Unfortunately I'll be earning money NOT spending that weekend so will have to miss out.

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Narelle said...

The coffee was good, lime pie delicious and we found the new patchwork shop in Childers.
Shame the weather was so hot!!!

Sadly I too will be otherwise engaged on the 12th.