Monday, November 05, 2007

Three Quilts

This first quilt is Narelle's kaleidoscope quilt and the next two as well. She diligently made all her triangles into hexagons from her jungle print fabric. In the process of arranging her heaxagons, she felt that no matter what she did the blue areas of the fabric would NOT combine back with her white and orange areas very well, even though they all started from the one piece of fabric.
It's surprising what you can decide faced with this dilemma. She has two narrow walls in her sewing room ( the rest of us are envious that she has a sewing room) that looked a bit bare. So the decision was made to create two small quilts to decorate those walls.

Now she has successfully used her white and orange hexagons. Her careful selection of boxes and quilting styles make all three very eye catching quilts. Well done Narelle.

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