Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November Madness

November always sees us patchwork girls celebrating the silly season with our "Annual Cristmas Shopping Trip ". This year on Friday 23 we are off to the shops in Maryborough and Hervey Bay and possibly the patchwork shop at Howard on the way home if we have time. Looks like we wont have time to eat so it'll be a sandwich and a bottle of water for the celebratory feast.
We will be looking for fabric for our raffle quilt for next years Cancer Fundraising. Ruth has found a possible pattern but now can't remember which of her magazines it was in. Looks like she had better start writing things in a notebook while magazine browsing. Mind you she has quite a collection to find another one in.
Friday 30th November we will be dropping the feed dogs and trying to control our tension headaches whilst attempting to regulate our quilting stitches. Yes Free Motion here we come. We will be learning about free motion, ditching , selecting quilting designs,and in general trying to demystify the phrase "Quilt as Desired". Threads of all different types will be investigated also. Batting choice will also be discussed.
Feathers will be on the agenda if we can get past the fear. Should be an interesting process.
Last week we all seemed to be a bit busy doing other things so only two could make it for the day. So roll on Friday for the shopping trip.

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