Monday, February 01, 2016

Patchwork Day, Snow and a Challenge

Steamy stormy weather makes for an excellent reason to sit in the aircon and sew ... as if you needed an excuse.

A very enjoyable day of sip, chat and sew ... add a few magazines to browse and a little book work for one.

Di and Sandra had their sewing machines humming working on these gorgeous quilts

Narelle was working on a piece of hand embroidery and left early in case of pending storms.

Kerry was busy making sure everything will be in place for the upcoming local Mount Perry Show on April 16.

S. N. O. W 
One can only dream about such coolness on days so humid your every ounce of energy drips away. 
However, our SNOW is a little different ... it's the theme for the Christmas 2016 Gift Swap.  

4 gifts, each one beginning with a different letter from the word 'SNOW' ... to a total of no more than $20 all together. SnOw ... get your thinking caps on ladies and start gathering, creating ... your choice.

Anyone up for a CHALLENGE?
Find just one UFA (Un-Finished-Article) ... come on, surely you have just one ... bring it or a photograph along to your next patchwork day and accept the challenge to completely finish said Article by July ... 2016.

Happy Sewing


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