Friday, July 18, 2014

Frozen in July

We expect to be cold in July but patchwork day was particularly freezing with a breezy cold snap that had us heading for the warm sunny doorway at lunchtime.

Margaret J timed a visit with her daughter and joined in for the day. Margaret takes part in a postcard swap and brought along her gorgeous collection to show and tell.

Her day was very productive with these 6 lovely cards finished and ready to gift.

Margaret F has been busy putting her new skills to practice on her embroidery machine.

This stunning blue runner was sewn by Kerry who has been busy sewing with these lovely border fabrics.

Fay will be putting a smile on a young man's face with this great wall hanging.

Narelle took advantage of having her mother visiting, and dug out this crochet knee rug she started a few years ago.

Ruth W continued working on her Mariners' Compass quilt and did a little visiting around town while she was over.

Fay, Margaret F, Kerry and Narelle are heading off to Gayndah for a weekend sewing retreat while Di and Ruth enjoyed a week in Adelaide attending sewing workshops.  We all look forward to show and tell from these girls when we next meet on August 4 ... let's hope it's a lot warmer too.

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