Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catch Up Post.

Hi everybody, after last patchwork day I promised some photos taken on the Iphone of the quilts for Show and Tell. Well despite my best efforts, they are still happily on the said phone and have not been transferred to me. I have found a couple of projects from previous patchwork days to show you.
 This is an original design by Lyn of some appliqued flowers in her wallhanging. Lyn has kindly offered to teach us how to do some Roman Blind Sewing in the New Year . She used to operate a soft Furnishings business in past days until coming to Mt Perry a short while ago so should be able to teach us those techniques well.

This is one of Sandra's WIP, hopefully by now it is finished. I think I may have showed a photo of us helping her with the colour placement before the bias binding went on.

Now for our Christmas Dinner on November 30th 2013. Hopefully I have it correct, about the XMAS project. One has to provide gifts starting with each of the 4 letters in XMAS, to a value of $20 in total, not each.
The rules are one must be food. Each item has to be individually wrapped and then all wrapped up in one parcel. Please update if this is incorrect. I have listed in a previous post what our menu will be, so please update if that has changed also.
Hope you all had a good day today, I will be looking for some photos and I once again apologise for the lack of them from last time. By the way, has there been some good storm rain in those hills yet?
I hope so, but remember we don't need too much like last time we were all praying for it.
Catch you on Nov 30th

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Narelle said...

If you come on the 30th you may be on your own ... I'm coming on the 29th I think?
2.5mm is all we've had :(