Friday, July 19, 2013

This and That


I've been keeping my knitting needles clicking at night.  A second wash cloth and 3 dusters.

and THAT

Here's a few more ideas for our Christmas Swap at the end of the year. Remember your swap gift will consist of 4 small gifts of about $5 each = a total value $20. Eg:  if one gift is only $2 you have extra to spend on another.

Your  4 small gifts should start with each letter of  X M A S. Here are a few ideas.

X   * This can be your unknown "X" factor
         *  Small X Stitch Kit
         *  Something Xciting

M  M and M's
         *  Something to Munch on
         *  Measuring tape
         *  Magnetic ?
         *  Material

A     *  Almond Bread
         *  Chocolate coated Almonds
         *  Animal print fabric

S      *  Scissors
         *  Sewing threads
         *  Surprise!
         *  Santa
         *  Something to Sip

I'm sure you've all got more fun ideas. Happy gathering of your goodies.
From Narelle

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