Friday, April 12, 2013

A Pleasant Evening Out in Bundaberg

Fay and I had an evening out in Bundaberg at the Gloria Loughman Trunk Show hosted by the Bundaberg Quilters. She is teaching workshops there this weekend. Unfortunately, neither of us could attend a workshop but just viewing some of her landscape quilts was wonderful. Gloria is an internationally acclaimed quilter, author and teacher and told us quite a few stories about her teaching career.
A linear landscape quilt. Her stitching is so neat, and these are art quilts so they will never be washed, just vacuumed to remove the dust.

 A sample of some of her quilts that were on display. I asked for her permission for a photograph of her with her quilts for our blog and she was very happy for me to take them for you. Notice that her clothing is as vibrant as her quilts.
 This large quite was my personal favourite.
She has a new book published called Radiant Landscapes and this is the cover quilt. She also has a Craftsy Class called Linear Landscape Class which you can purchase anytime online. When she was in America filming those classes, she was told to "tone down " her wardrobe for the camera, glad she doesn't do that to her quilts. An evening well spent.  Faye, I did take a few more photoes for you also, and I hope you are enjoying your new books. Whilst, there I was also thrilled to find out that  Karen, a Bundaberg Quilters member enjoys reading our blog, so I hope you do too.
Some of us, are off to a social patchwork day at Childers, next week instead of our usual patchwork day. Mt Perry Show is on next weekend so I hope you are all busy finishing off your entries. Me, I am much too busy with all this socialising to get mine finished. See you all sometime next week, Ruth.

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