Saturday, December 17, 2011

Show and Tell from Narelle

Here's the Red Delicious block I started embroidering at our last patchwork day ... all done! Yes, I did unpick all the chain stitching and used feather stitch with a much better result.

Both the second letters 'M' and 'E' were posted this month for 'Home Sweet Home' so they've been traced and stitched. Here they are all together ready for sashings.

After lunch today I've managed a moment to trim and stitch the 2 1/2" squares to block 15 of my 'Because I Said So' BOM after finishing the applique last night and a little this monring.

What has everyone else been up to?  I'm sure we'd all like to see what each other is sewing over the holiday period so if you'd like to send photos to I'll update our blog with your Show and Tells. They don't have to be finished projects ... works in progress will be lovely too!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Joyous Christmas.

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Ruth said...

Ha Ha, I'd show you my cooking efforts but it has all been eaten. I have been back to catering for a crowd again, the muster has been on, and my sewing area has been invaded by people with swags. Roll on 2012, maybe the sewing will start again.