Thursday, November 10, 2011

All In A Week

The week flew by and everyone met once more for a lovely patchwork day with a 'spur of the moment' lunch get together for an early Christmas gathering.

Margaret finished her lovely sewing carry-all and brought it along for show and tell.

Neatly folded

unfold once ...

and unfold again to reveal .... everything at the ready. Great finish Margaret!

Fay was able to finish the quilting on her scrappy star quilt and remove all the basting threads. Looking gorgeous in those soft florals.

Sadly our next patchwork day on the 30th of November will be our last for the year (unless we can s-q-u-e-e-z-e in an extra somwhere? Don't forget if you would like to, bring something along to share for morning tea.

Happy sewing until we next meet :o)

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