Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Patchwork Day - Before and After

With the cooler weather some of the ladies decided to sit outside in the warm sunshine while others battled the cool breeze (sometimes wind) blowing in through the large doors. After awhile the sun went and hid behind the clouds so it was time to move indoors, close the doors and find a warmer spot to stitch.

Sandra brought along two quilts to work on hand stitching the bindings as well as some crochet to work on inbetween.

This sweet pink heart quilt is all ready for a grand daughter to snuggle in. Sandra made some good progress on the crochet and started handstitching the binding on a lovley purple heart quilt.

Kerry gets to join us briefly before heading off to work through the middle of the day. She brought along a cute teddy stitchery to work on.

Back from work, a fresh coffee and stitch away. All these guys need now is the border.

After the manditory coffee was made, Narelle began on a blank canvas stitchery and was able to finish all but the letter "i". To view the finished stitchery and read the saying visit Narelle's blog. The deep heat came into action that night for an aching elbow.

Ruth had it all planned to sew on her amazing mariners' compass but alas her machine had different ideas and is now making a visit to the machine doctor.

Time for Ruth to mull over fabric selections and begin tracing and placing for the embroidery part of this quilt.

Margaret had to pop out for a bit so enjoyed the day browsing through magazines, gathering ideas and inspiration for new projects.

Kath and her gorgeous little grand daughter strolled in for a visit and to see what everyone was working on. Kath's been working at home on a lovely jewel coloured quilt for a grandson.

Next patchwork day will be the 15th of June. You will be excused for wearing nice warm slippers to keep the tootsies warm.


Di Bruce said...

Hi ladies, so sorry for not being able to catch up over the last couple of months but I have had so many mother and grandmother issues which seem to have taken over my life. I had a great time at the SA Quilt Encounter in Adelaide late July and stsoppen over in Canberra for a few days to catch up with my son David and his fiancee Holly. it was soooooo... Cold minus 5 the day I left. It was good to get home and settle back into normality then I managed to fall down the back steps so was out of action for a couple of weeks and missed the meet on 10th August. Rob came home from WA for a couple of weeks to make sure I was ok but has now gone back to WA again. While he was home we attended the Vietnam Veterans Reunion on
Magnetic Island for a week and had a great time.

Kelie has to go to Brisbane for court next week so I will have little Riley for a couple of days while she is away.
But apart from that I am hoping to be able to get back on track with my sewing. Not sure what the next meet date is so I will keep checking the blog. I hope everyone is well and hope to see you all next meet. Cheers Di

Di Bruce said...
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