Monday, January 25, 2010

New Patchwork Calendar Year

Well, did you all enjoy your holidays? The heavens certainly knew Mt Perry needed some rain. I've certainly been busy with lots of OTHER STUFF. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the one completed strips n curves quilt posted a week ago. Sounds like some of you have been super busy over the holidays.
Notice the next patchwork date on the side bar and I'm hoping we should have a good show "n" tell session before we start revving up the machines for 2010.
I can begin sewing again as I've finished the " Real Patching of 9 shirts, 4 shorts , 1 jeans and 2 new sets of gaiters" How's your patching pile?
Hope to see you there next Wednesday.

1 comment:

Narelle said...

You'll put us to shame with your 'real' patching.
Don't tell our husbands!