Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bargello Quilts and last sewing day for 2006

Friday 24 November was bargello day. Four bargello wall hangings will be finished soon.
We had a great day cutting, sewing, re cutting and unpicking before we could leave with larger pieces pinned together. Only a few action photos were taken. More later when they are finished.
We proceeded to the Mt Perry Hotel for dinner that night. Our Christmas evening a bit early but who cares !
What bliss , no meal to worry about preparing, the husbands and children catered for themselves.
A bit of a holiday and we start again in January on Friday 19.
Interested teeenagers are invited to learn to sew . Ruth has found some bag patterns if they want to make one.
Plans are underway for our kaleidoscope workshop in May. We may also do free motion quilting in February 07. Sounds like a busy year ahead.

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