Sunday, November 30, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

One last sleep and it was time to head in for our last and Christmas patchwork day.  Most of the girls were able to make it but we missed those who couldn't join us ... sometimes 'normal' life has to come first.

Our morning kicked off with lots of show and tell and just a little chatter.

Di was busy making more gorgeous bags for gifts.

Margaret has had her embroidery machine making Christmas trees and has sewn her blocks together.

Sandra has also been busy with her embroidery and sewing machines.

Morning Tea time and out came the most yummy of treats to have with our cuppa.

Our gift swap this year was made up from the word 'QUILT'.... 4 gifts with one being a 12 1/2" block and one gift to contain something edible. I'll share pictures of the clever parcels in another post.

Time for a bit of sewing before we headed off down to the Federal Inn for a delicious lunch to celebrate 2014.

Fay has been working on some lovely blocks.

2015  ~  Our first date back has been set at Monday 19th January and we will look into our future dates when we get together then.  Let's all hope that good soaking rain has broken this cruel drought by then.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Something Beginning With ...?

I'm very pleased to say that I have ONE thing organised in my life at the moment ... my gift for our upcoming Christmas Break-up and Gift Swap.

Tags are optional. This was just an idea that popped into my head and was lucky enough to stay there long enough for me to follow through. Many ideas flit into my mind, take fright at the mayhem and flit out lickity split.

I also managed to finish this project which was very very quick for me. Sewn up last weekend, stuffed through the week and slip stitched the last opening yesterday with minutes to spare before it went home to it's new owner.

Not that I'm counting but ... 9 sleeps to go.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Almost A Wrap

With the locking of the door behind us, there's only 1 more patchwork day for this year (unless we can squeeze another in somewhere in between all of our super busy schedules). So before I go on about next patchwork day, we better have a look at what was happening last month.

Our dear Margaret was presented with this wall hanging, lovingly put together by members of our group to show our support for her through a difficult and sad time. Stitched with the threads of friendship.

Margaret got busy cutting gorgeous NZ fabrics and by the afternoon was able to play with layouts.

Sandra spent her morning with these cheeky little Santas.

Ruth's machine was stitching away on these lovely baskets of flowers.

Hand stitching was on Di's agenda with her cathedral windows style quilt.

Felting merrily along, Fay was busy growing her felt flower garden.

Some of her finished flowers.

 This amazing felt worked cushion is the handiwork of Di ... so stunning.

More of Di's gorgeous felt flowers.

Sorry girls but I have no memory of whose lovely little basket.

Now trying to jog my memory of what I was working on ?????  on that's right!
It has grown so maybe I should take a newer photo one day.

Are you still with me?  So lets talk about our next Patchwork Day.

Next patchwork day will be on Monday 24 November and will be a celebration of the Christmas kind....and sewing as usual.  So wear your Christmas finery and (only if you wish to) bring a small plate of nibbles to share for morning tea.  Then for lunch we will venture up or down to the Federal Inn.  I say up or down as the location of our next patchwork day is yet to be confirmed ... stay tuned!

UPDATE:  We will hold patchwork in the hall and the Inn is booked.

If you would like to be part of our Gift Exchange it goes like this :
4 items each approx. $5 value with the total value of your gift to be no more than $20
Each item to start with a letter from the word "QU.I.L.T"
One of the items to be edible.

QU ~  One 12 1/2" quilt block of your own choice
I     ~  eg.  Ice cream;  Inches:  Inspiration:  Itching powder
L    ~  eg.  Licorice; Lollies; Lace; Lamborghini
T    ~  eg.  Thread; Thimble; Tinsel; Teabag

Just to get you into a panic if you're like me and haven't started yet ... there's only 17 more sleeps.