Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Annual Art Show

And it's first, second, third to Mt Perry Quilters at the Annual Art Show. Ruth, Patty, and Kerry in that order. Way to go girls! Patty has suggested a Mt Perry theme for next year so we can get our thinking caps on early. Consult with Patty re the theme or anything else you would like to suggest so that a decision can be made and we can get busy. Although, we all usually have a tendency to leave things to the last minute.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mt Perry Fine Arts Exhibition Request

Wow Narelle,

you certainly have been busy. I think you deserve first prize in the Quilters Exhibition post shopping spree contest. I'm glad it is the first day of spring today, so those scarves may have to wait for next winter for their live models to wear them.

We have had a request from Patty for quilts to display at the Mt Perry Fine Arts Exhibition next week!!!!!!. She is still away teaching her sewing skills to the PNG nationals but should be back next Tuesday 7 September. I have left some quilts and spare hanging rods in the good care of Sandra's place as I unfortunately have to attend work on Wednesday 8th. Patty will be able to collect my quilts I hope and I'm sure she will be grateful for anymore. I know Sandra has a few. Pity I have not even sewn my strips n curves quilt together yet.

Patty has volunteered to hang them all when she is setting up the hall for the Art Exhibition. Also hope you are all working hard on your textile entries for the same event. Enjoy the evening on the Friday night as we have a family function that weekend to attend and can't make it, and have a good day next Wednesday, make sure you feel very sorry for me for having to miss it.
Just to show you I have not been doing nothing these past few weeks, here is the evidence. Pity it isn't a quilt.

Challenge Done!

Just as Winter was about to roll into Spring, I finished off the second ball of wool purchased on our quilt exhibition day out.

This one a lovely light pink / dark pink / mulberry. I also changed things a little by casting on 2 less stitches which resulted in a slightly longer scarf than the first one.
Happy First Day of Spring