Friday, November 28, 2008

Still Here

Yes we are still here and some of us are still managing to fit in some sewing time. Demands on everyone seem to increase at this time of the year which has made it more difficult for us to co-ordinate the next sewing day.

We hope to organize one more sewing day before Christmas but be warned, it could be at short notice. A nice morning tea followed by a lovely lunch, with some sewing in between of course. And don't forget the chit-chat.

Plans are in the pipe-line for a shopping trip sometime in January. Fabric dyeing is also on our 'would like to do' list along with another retreat so stay tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sewing Frenzy

In answer to the previous post question, yes we have been sewing. While we can usually squeeze in a bit of sewing time at home, it's when you move out for the weekend that the sewing really begins.

On Saturday, five of us girls set our sewing machines up in the local hall, had the regulation cuppa, and off we stitched. Sewing late into Saturday night, we were then back at the hall bright and early Sunday morning to finish what we started.

By Sunday afternoon and the last cuppa, we packed our things up and headed home. Everyone was very pleased with their achievements for the weekend. At last count we have . . . 2 bed quilts well on the way . . . 1 doll quilt completed . . . 1 table topper completed . . . 3 mug bags almost finished . . . 1 lap or bed quilt well on the way . . . many cups of tea/coffee consumed, good food enjoyed and wonderful company cherrished.

Thanks ladies, lets do it again.