Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Rainin Again

As the song goes, yes it has been raining again. So much that it has disrupted our planned sewing day. Now we all love the rain in this dry continent but it would be better if the road builders would give some of us bitumen roads. Once our roads get wet some of us slip and slide in our cars so we decided to cancel our sewing day.

Next week it is the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition and certainly well worth visiting. Wonder how Patty's Challenge Quilt will fare ? She is so proud that it is finished. Much better than Ruth's effort which is still in the fat quarter stage in the shopping bag.
Narelle is currently participating in a finish items by July's end challenge so with her enforced stay at home because of the roads hopefully that is happening.
Do all quiltmakers need a deadline to actually finish everything or does boredom with your current project win and it becomes a UFO while you start something else?
As Ruth has been sitting quietly handquilting her "must finish by 30th August project" she has been pondering her next project. It's amazing how many experienced quilters are right in their advice about this craft. Maybe it is better to start 10 things and work concurrently on them so the dreaded boredom does not set in. This at least allows you to live comfortably with the mess from that number of projects and be guilt free about your number of UFO's.

Our last posting about our cancer fundraising quilt was would you believe our 100th posting.
It is amazing that we have been online for 2 years. We try to post weekly so we are not doing too bad. Must give ourselves a congratulatory pat on the back.
Hope to catch up with you all next week at the Exhibition in Bundaberg.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cancer Quilt

Here it is!! Finished at last, and tickets are selling hot! We are very proud of our efforts and hope that we can raise heaps for the cancer foundation. We're off to a good start and drawing date is not till October 3rd.

Last patchwork day (July 11), proved to be a great catchup for most. Narelle even came along; bringing with her both daughter and mother to join in the fun.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Inspirational Moments

Sometimes life cannot be all patchwork. Mt. Perry has a natural attraction on it's doorstep called Mount Perry Mountain. Sometimes we get the urge to go for an inspirational climb to the top.

BUT does it have to be in the ( fog) more like mist. Some of us started a trek on Sunday morning with some doubts about the weather. Raincoats came in very handy as we made it to the top. Up the cow paddock hill, through the wattle scrub, over the rocks, through the hoop pine forests, over some more rocks and through the eucalypts to the top. A small rest at the top and back down the way we came up. You could see nothing but cloud at the top.
Here is someone pleased to stand and overlook the town in the misty background on the way down.

A bit over 4 hours of climbing, laughter, puffing and panting and questioning our motives and sensibilities, and we were home again to a hot shower, feeling that sewing in front of a log fire is a better option on a rainy day.

But when you see scenery like these mossy rocks around the massive fig tree you have to be inspired by your surroundings to enjoy your own backyard.

BUT How come every time Patty has a suggestion lately it involves getting wet.
She has taken us kayaking on Paradise Dam, climbing Mount Perry in the wet, so where will she take us next?

Maybe the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition????

Friday, July 04, 2008

Sewing Day 27 June

As usual our sewing days show the easy come easy go nature of our group. Some members took the opportunity of a free day from work to stay at home and sew. By all reports it was just as well as the dreaded lurgy hit and lots of doses of panadol were required to get through the day.

Other members grabbed the unexpected opportunity to attend and had an enjoyable if a bit cold kind of day. Mt. Perry Hall is notorious for being cold in the mornings.
A new patchworker also joined us for the first time, vowing to come back with her work completed in 2 weeks.

The Cancer Quilt raffle tickets have arrived and booklets have been handed out. Kerry has had very brisk ticket sales meaning the rest of us had better find other people to ask. That might be hard in a small place like Mt. Perry. A photo will be displayed when it has been photographed hanging in a commercial place in Mt. Perry.

Kerry actually finished blanket stitching her cot quilt bears in between selling raffle tickets to any person she saw in Mt. Perry that day.
Ruth has been hand quilting her large " secret quilt'. She has now finished cross hatching the centre panel.

Fay was designing another granddaughter quilt.
Margaret was still working on her applique blocks and talking about art.
Irene continued on her new project she had started a few days earlier with Kerry's assistance.

School holidays are a good time for catching up with small projects while the usual school trips and catching the blasted school bus does not have to happen. Next Friday 11 July we might see some young ones visit with us. Hope so.